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Winner Takes All

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A cheating boyfriend. A feisty heroine after revenge. Romance turned to danger.

When Sarah discovers her boyfriend Gary is married, she doesn’t take it lying down (that’s what caused trouble in the first place).

But after she gets her revenge, Gary decides it’s his turn. And he has the means and money for a reprisal she’ll never forget.

When his two hapless henchmen kidnap her, she must use all her skills to fool them and escape. But it’s not that easy and the clock is ticking…

With the help of sexy cop Oliver, she sets out to foil the ex and free herself from his clutches.

Will Sarah defeat Gary without falling flat on her face (again!) or will it be chips for her?

If you like a fast-paced, fun read with unexpected twists and turns and a gutsy, accident-prone heroine, then you’ll love Patricia McBride’s hilarious and poignant story.

Buy Winner Take All today for a whirlwind of action and laughs.

What do readers think?


This book is a winner. Great plot and laughs on every page.

"If you are looking for a book with a superb plot and one that takes you on a whirlwind of a story, this is the book for you. And, as a bonus, you will find yourself laughing out loud on virtually every page. Imagine if your favourite comedian used his best material and wove it into a great story. It will also help if you love coffee, cakes, chocolate and tall, dark handsome men. Please please please hurry up and bring out the next In the series. This book would make a perfect TV series. It really is a winner."

A Real Page Turner

"This book is fantastic. I really enjoyed it. It was funny and had twists I had never expected!! I could not put it down. A must read book"

The Perfect Holiday Read

"If Bridget Jones took up sleuthing, she’d still be no match for Sarah Winner. Full of twists and turns, this is a book crammed with beguiling and convincing baddies - several of whom I failed to spot - leading to a very dramatic finale! Patricia McBride writes easy to read prose, but embellished with witty flourishes and packed with so much imagery I could easily visualise each scene. I read this book on holiday, and it was a perfect poolside read!"

"A funny and heart-warming read that keeps you turning the pages"

"Sarah Winner is looking for love online. When a date goes badly wrong she decides to use her professional sleuthing skills to get revenge. Little does she know what she is getting into.

Luckily Sarah is up to the challenge. She is attractive, shrewd, and compassionate. Her ability to bounce back from setbacks and laugh at herself (she is a bit accident prone) make her a thoroughly likeable heroine.

Yes – this novel is a definitely a winner!."

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