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Time Management For The Office

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* getting more done in the same amount of time (or less)?
* enhancing your reputation at work?
* increasing your career prospects?
* gaining more job satisfaction?
* reducing your stress?

All these benefits can be yours simply by managing your time more effectively. Author Patricia McBride has been running Time Management workshops for over twenty years and has distilled the techniques from those workshops into this practical and easy to read book.

You’ll learn simple-to-apply methods for a wide range of time management issues such as: dealing with interruptions; managing the paper mountain; keep control of emails; saying no without giving offense; being assertive; to-do lists; time logs; and much much more.

Imagine getting all that extra work done, getting it done more easily and feeling good at the end of the day.

Get rid of the time thief and get in control of your time.
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What do readers think?


Time Management for the Office and More

"This book is all about time management for the office. It is a great way to bring back the personal/business balance to your life. It is full of useful tools to help you reign in your working week and to free up time to spend with your family. Some of the techniques you will know but they are presented in such a way that you will find them easy to fit into your lifestyle.

The book is well written and covers everything you need and includes a bonus stress reducing hypnosis which I have found very relaxing.

This is a great book and I highly recommend it to anyone finding that there is too much work at the end of the week."

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