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The Lily Baker Series

Courage and romance on the eve of World War Two.

Picturehouse Girls

World War Two is about to start. What if you had to leave everything you knew behind?
It’s 1938 and hard-working Lily Baker’s life turns upside down when she and her family move to a new town.

Telephone Girls

How far would you go to keep yourself and your friends safe? Could you keep working if German army was at your door?
Determined army telephonist Lily Baker and her friends work in Paris when France surrenders to Hitler. 

A.R.P. Girls

The London Blitz. A brave war worker. A budding romance.
Soldier Lily is a natural helper, supporting those bombed or homeless in her volunteer role as Air Raid Protection warden.

Winner Takes All

A cheating boyfriend. A feisty heroine after revenge. Romance turned to danger.

When Sarah discovers her boyfriend Gary is married, she doesn’t take it lying down (that’s what caused trouble in the first place).

But after she gets her revenge, Gary decides it’s his turn. And he has the means and money for a reprisal she’ll never forget.

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Murder, Mystery and Magic

Being a witch is tricky, especially when you live in a town of ‘normals.’When another witch is found murdered in the sleepy town of Evensbrooke, Alizon is a prime suspect.

Business in her bookshop/cafe suffers as a result. The police get no-where, so she must find the murderer to save herself and her livelihood. Trouble is, the murderer knows she’s on the trail.

Assertiveness and Training

How To Be Assertive


By reading this book you are taking a significant step towards a more enjoyable life.

By following the guidelines you'll find here, you'll reap huge benefits.

These include feeling confident about yourself, your actions and everyday life. That means not being wracked with guilt, worry and doubts. Stop for a minute and image your life without that emotional baggage. You’ll enjoy it so much more.

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The Assertive Social Worker

Would you like to feel more in control of yourself and your work?

To cope comfortably with any demands the day throws at you?

Deal easily with situations without guilt or worry? If so, this is the book for you!

Time Management For The Office

* getting more done in the same amount of time (or less)?
* enhancing your reputation at work?
* increasing your career prospects?
* gaining more job satisfaction?
* reducing your stress?

All these benefits can be yours simply by managing your time more effectively.

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