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Murder, Mystery and Magic

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Murder, Mystery and Magic

Being a witch is tricky, especially when you live in a town of ‘normals.’

When another witch is found murdered in the sleepy town of Evensbrooke, Alizon is a prime suspect. Business in her bookshop/cafe suffers as a result. The police get no-where, so she must find the murderer to save herself and her livelihood. Trouble is, the murderer knows she’s on the trail.

The hunter becomes the hunted and now and she’s in danger.

Will she be the next victim or will she live to sell another book?

If you enjoy tales of magic and mystery and you’re a fan of Kristin Painter, Amanda M. Lee, Cate Lawley and M.Z. Andrews, you’ll enjoy this light-read book full of magic, ghosts, covens, romance and, of course, a cat. Treat yourself to this enjoyable read now!

What do readers think?


Thoroughly enjoyable, extremely readable book

"Thoroughly enjoyed this extremely readable book. Alizon, the lead character, is feisty and takes matters into her own hands when the going gets tough. Yet she’s kind and a good friend. I think I’d like her - and her cafe sounds wonderful. This book carefully treads the fine line between blending the world of sorcery and ‘real life’, and it works beautifully."

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